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Tripadvisor Testimonials For Bahamas Catamaran Charters

Sail crystal clear waters, snorkel coral reefs teeming with fish, kayak, or just relax at the end of the day in the Bahamas. Sit down to dinner together and share the fresh catch of the day on your own private catamaran sailing yacht.

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Client Testimonials Aboard The Amazing Grace

Craig. I was wanting to send you a "Thank You" card the old fashion way, but did not see a mailing address on your website. In any case, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making our day such a special occasion with Tyler's proposal. The two of you truly pulled off one of the best surprises that our family has ever experienced. That entire day is one that we will never forget and you and your crew worked very hard to make it perfect. Again thank you all. We will sail with you again I am certain! PS. If ever in the Kansas City, Mo area look us up. Ever need a place to stay you and Nancy would always be welcome. Hope to meet her next time. Take care.



From our crew at Torchy's Tacos to your fabulous crews we want to thank you for a fantastic day! Everyone of your crew were very attentive and accommodating. We are in the service industry and we know great service when we receive it. So please pass along our compliments and thank you to your crew members.

If you have photos you can share please email them to this address and I will do the same when I return to the states.

Very Best, Farrell Kubena

Boy Scouts On A Catamaran Yacht In The Bahamas

This is a letter of reference for Captain Doring. I have personally known Captain Craig for the last 6 years. He has provided nothing but exceptional service while conducting charters for us at the Florida Sea Base (Boy Scouts of America).

As the program director for the sailing department, Captain Doring has provided me personally with assistance in many areas of program development, training for the attending clients (scouts,) and disseminating knowledge to fellow captains to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Captain Doring’s ability to teach all aspects of sailing, fishing, and life lessons to a group of young adults are second to none. Captain Craig’s fishing abilities are unsurpassed by anyone on our docks (of over forty captains).

Captain Craig was trained under the Boy Scouts of America for youth protection, hazardous weather, safety afloat, and safe swim guidelines for the last 6 years. Keeping children safe is something we all take very seriously.

Captain Craig was missed when he decided to move on to bigger and better opportunities and is always welcome back here at the Florida Sea Base.

Captain Rich Beliveau
Program Director, Florida Sea Base
Boy Scouts of America

Birthday Celebration On A Catamaran Yacht In The Bahamas

We're now back in NYC. We wanted to thank you for helping organize our trip last minute and to let you know we had a superb time on board Amazing Grace. From the moment we stepped on board to leaving at Governors Harbour/Eleuthera 6 days later, Captain Craig and Andrew were everything we expected and more. They were simply fantastic and come highly recommended. This was the first time our 3 boys had been on a boat so we weren't sure how they'd take to the open seas (our son is 6 years old) and especially given Hurricane Irene's visit days before. Let's just say we were all captivated by the sheer beauty of the islands and very impressed with the excellent service we received from the crew. Both Craig and Andrew have a 'special talent' with boys. More than anything I wanted you to know that. In particular Craig's navigation skills (he really know's the Exumas and Bahamas very well), his abundant knowledge of marine life and his cooking really rubbed off on all of us. Cooking for 5 guests and 2 crew for 6 days straight while manning the boat takes some serious talent. He was 100% right on. The food was hearty and just kept on coming and coming. Fresh catch daily, lobster omelets, Cornish hen, salads, gob stoppers, you name it. All there. I think the most important thing we learned from this trip as a family was we could trust Craig in any situation at any given time. The boys warmed up to him instantly as well as Andrew (Boy Scout leader) with his knot tying tricks and general coolness. The highlight of the trip for me was when Craig caught 4 fresh lobster after a very special visit to Shroud Cay. A wonderful birthday present. Every day had its own little adventures. Too many to pin down in an email. In general we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and will have some very fond memories of this trip. Thank you Craig!

Now I have to get back to work...Best Regards, T and family

Starfish And Conch Discoveries While Snorkeling In The Bahamas

What a wonderful captain and chef team on board the Amazing Grace. Here is a captain and chef who have gone out of their way to make guests delighted with their charter and it is so appreciated. I am very proud to represent a professional team such as these folk. Their catamaran is new and with a hard cover color brochure these folk will rock the world..... Thank you to everyone.

Andrew 2009

Captain Craig has been assisting many of my brokerage and ‘new’ catamaran owners over the past years. He has proven to be excellent in refreshing sailing skills for people who learned sailing years ago, and who needed to be updated with modern cruising features and electronics that have become standard on pretty much all catamarans.

Also when it comes to assisting new boat owners in maintenance plans, simple tricks to make ‘do it yourself maintenance’ easier, trouble shooting, Captain Craig knows how to explain it in a simple and pleasant way, with lots of patience. Quite often, I advise brokerage and new boat buyers to do a ‘shake down’ cruise with Captain Craig.

Quite a few of my clients made the transition from monohull to catamaran. Captain Craig is a great teacher when it comes to docking, boat handling, anchoring and sailing. Whether it is done on his boat, or a client’s boat, his patience and good people skills make the learning curve like a walk in the park.

Peter Wiersema, CPYB
Moorings Yacht Brokerage and Leopard Catamarans USA
Leopard Catamaran Salesman of the Year 2003 - 2015

Bahamas Catamaran Group Shot At The Bay

Bonnie – just wanted to follow-up and let you know that our five days on the Amazing Grace with Captain Craig Doring was just that – “Amazing”. The trip was everything we had hoped for even more. From the boat itself, to the reefs and beaches we saw, all of us had a great time. We rested, we saw some amazing things, we bonded with our kids, they bonded with each other and Craig was gracious, professional and fun. Thanks again for lining this up and count on hearing from us again in the future. Guy

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