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Bahamas Catamaran Crew

Sail crystal clear waters, snorkel coral reefs teeming with fish, kayak, or just relax at the end of the day in the Bahamas. Sit down to dinner together and share the fresh catch of the day on your own private catamaran sailing yacht.

DragonFly 620 Catamaran Crew Profile

Christiaan and Hanrie bring with them a diverse background of experience, both in and out of the water. Both born in South Africa and having lived all over the world, from Bangkok, to Spain, New York and Madagascar, doing everything from working in the hospitality industry, acting, travel writing, teaching English, running surf charters in Madagascar and working on mega yachts, both eventually fell in love with the Caribbean, and have been running charters as Captain and Chef/ Mate team for the past 4 years. 

High school sweet hearts since the age of 16, Christiaan and Hanrie effortlessly work together to provide all of their guests with a tailor-made memorable holiday experience that makes them come back again and again for another rum punch or painkiller under the Caribbean sun.

Captain Christiaan is a born entertainer, hence the brief stint in acting, and enjoys telling tall tales of pirate lure and big fish and the one that got away. His good natured bubbly spirit and can-do attitude put guests at ease while his professionalism and ability to command a variety of situations instill confidence. Christiaan’s knowledge of the best Caribbean anchorages will ensure that you will be sipping your cocktail on the fly bridge of Dragonfly with the best sunset views, and his love for watersports and tall tales will ensure you will never be bored! 

Hanrie honed her cooking skills at a young age begging to make family dinners since the age of 9. Ever since then she has been baking and cooking and soaking up all of the local flavors and food inspiration wherever she has gone. Hanrie has a varied cooking style, from Mediterranean, Thai, French, Peruvian, Caribbean, South African and American, with a focus on healthy locally sourced products and produce. With over 4 years’ experience in different roles on boats, from 48 ft to 160 ft, you can be ensured that all your needs will be taken care of and that all of your senses will be engaged at each meal time dinning on the aft deck of Dragonfly! 

With their warm and personable, yet professional personalities Christiaan and Hanrie pride themselves on making every trip onboard Dragonfly and utterly unforgettable one for all of their guests! 

Dragonfly Crew - Christiaan & Hanrie

Christiaan & Hanrie - Guest Testimonials

“This trip was the most radical experience of ALL TIME! You were incredible with our kids and awesome hosts & ambassadors of these islands!! We will most definitely be back!! “

  • With love, Rich, Melanie, Mckenna, Riley & Reece, March 10, 2017

“Hanrie, thank you for making such wonderful meals and introducing us to new foods. Thank you for entertaining us during our trips between islands. I hope the music from trolls doesn’t stay stuck in your head! You should be on Chopped and win! Christiaan, you are a great Captain and you have great stories about sharks. You are also cool. Thank you for guiding us on this amazing adventure and keeping us safe from weather, hermit crabs and midnight pirate raids. This has been the best family vacation ever!!”

  • The Kalinowski kids, March 10, 2017

“As the week of the Consensual Pirates draws to a close, we have so much gratitude for our wonderful Captain Christiaan and wonderful Chef Hanrie. What an amazing week! We could not have asked for a more perfect holiday! Here’s hoping our paths cross again- soon! “

  • The Canadian Consensual Pirates, Jan 28, 2017

“Thank you for being a stellar Captain and bringing us to the best spots in the BVI. You steered us in the right directions, both figuratively and literally!  This trip will leave a long lasting memory on me and it would not have been done without your captaining. You are one of the best captains of the Caribbean.  Hanrie, thank you for being a great first mate. I can honestly say without a doubt that this week has been one of the best dining experiences of my life! Thanks for all that you have done to make this a special adventure!”

  • Fanous Family, 3 Jan, 2017

“Christiaan, you are the best sailor/ captain/ pirate ever! I couldn’t ask for a better captain. It is so cool how you live on the boat, because the boat is so nice. You were so nice and comfortable around us and always made me laugh. Oh, and thanks for teaching Carly and me how to speak Afrikaans. Hanrie, you are the best chef/ friend I could ever ask for. It was so easy to talk to you. Since the first day I saw you and you helped me get on the boat I knew you were amazing. Thanks for teaching us Afrikaans, I am going to teach it to all my friends. “

  • Cloe Fanous, 3 Jan, 2017

‘Christiaan and Hanrie we can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful week! You took such good care of u! The food was wonderful; we were amazed by the gourmet food coming out of the galley. Snorkeling and Scuba spots were great and we got to see some new places as well as ones we remember from our last trip. It was an amazing trip that our families will talk about for a long, long time.”

  • The Burri Family, Steve, Kathy, Connor & Kristina, 3 Jan, 2017

“Christiaan and Hanrie, thank you so much for a wonderful week! Everything far exceeded our expectations! Every meal a treat for the senses! Christiaan, thank you for the wonderful scuba diving and ensuring Ben’s first open water dives were great experiences. Celebrating my 60th birthday with my family sailing around the BVI was a gift that was priceless. All the special treats throughout the week where greatly appreciated and the birthday cakes was fabulous! Thank you again for making this an extraordinary week!”

  • The Pollack Family, 9 July, 2016

“Many Thanks for your incredible hospitality this week- you both made an already naturally beautiful trip EXTRA special! You went above and beyond thinking of everyone’s needs, providing the right timing so we could see all the treasures of the BVI.  Hanrie’s food was so thoughtfully prepared and delicious! We loved every meal and will truly never forget all of the special treats- Easter egg hunt, cupcake decorating, birthday cake, etc, etc. Our 6 pirates will never forget this trip! They conquered ships and found lost treasure on each of Christiaans sails- thank you for your patience and playfulness! They just love you!! We look forward to seeing Supreme Commander Christiaan and Hanrie in her shark wedding dress again soon!”

  • Fondly, The Hachmans & Lyons Families, 1 April, 2016

“We knew this would be a great trip, but we had no idea how awesome it actually turned out to be! We loved the food, the island, the weather, the boat and both of you (and your accents J ) Every meal was a feast! Christiaan you managed to make everyone happy, even finding sunshine on a rainy day! We wish you both all the best! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!”

  • Lisa & Michael O’Donnel, March 2016

“Where to begin? We came here to celebrate friendship and 50th birthdays and came away with so much more! From the very beginning your easy going and fun personalities combined with your expertise and professionalism made for a wonderful week. Although at 50 we are all feeling a bit under accomplished after listening to all of your incredible adventures. Hanrie, you are a true gourmet: the variety and presentation of every meal was 5 star!

Christiaan, your knowledge of every nook and cranny of the BVI makes us all believe you are an actual decedent of Black Beard himself! If you ever can’t find ice please stop in Cleveland…the doors are always open! We truly hope to see you both again sometime in our near futures!”

  • Eliza, Siri, John, Mimi, February 5, 2015

 “To my Ninja Pirates: Thank you thank you thank you! You two have made this trip truly a trip of a lifetime! Christiaan, thank you for showing us some amazing places and for being VERY patient with us all! Also thank you for showing me how to paddle board. I will miss the sun calls and will try to practice them for next time!
Hanrie, you, my dear, are an amazing chef! I will miss the daily meals and wish I could pack you in my suitcase!
You two will have a very special place in all our hearts, and hope we can sail again! “

  • Laura, February 13, 2015

“Our Dearest Christiaan & Hanrie- beautiful people, amazing week! We cannot THANK YOU enough for this experience! The food we have never experienced any so wonderful! Your knowledge of the boat, this area and places to stop and snorkel are unsurpassed! We are in love!! The “okay guys” clapwill be missed! Until we meet again, which we will!”

  • Matt & Kirsten Reeck, Missy & Mike Dube, March 24, 2015

“Dear Hanrie & Christiaan, We leave today and go home to our ‘regular’ lives. How we are going to miss being spoiled and cared for by you- you are both delightful and professional and we are so glad you have been taking such good care of Jeff and Adrienne’s boat!”

  • Marvin & Linda Feldman ( parents of the owners) , May 12, 2015

“I could never have imagined how different a vacation can be when there are two caring, talented and wonderful people taking care of us! We are usually the caretakers, however you allowed us to take this time for ourselves. We can’t wait for you to come to Florida so we can show you the same hospitality that you have! “

  • Bob & Barbara, 12 May 2015

“ What an amazing trip! When we first boarded we where blown away by how beautiful the boat was, down to every last detail. We very soon realized that we would all be 10lbs heavier after eating every delicious meal Hanrie crafted for us. Her cooking is world class and we have enjoyed every last bit of it!Christiaan was an amazing skipper. Fun loving but also always taking us to the best and most beautiful spots. You truly know you are in great hands.
We loved every moment of this amazing trip and will definitely be back for some more!”

  • Brock & Nancy Albinson, Anne & Randy Zenzer, Anu Naraayana, May 30, 2015

“ Where to start? When we started this adventure we had expectations, assumptions and hopes for what our week would offer and we can say that not only where our hopes met, they were far surpassed!!
Christiaan, your outgoing, charismatic personality is endearing! Your Knowledge of the BVI is impressive and your bartending skills thoroughly enjoyed! We so enjoyed listening to your stories and music!
Hanrie- where to even begin with your chef skils! They say that meals are first eaten with your eyes, and if this is true, we were fulfilled twice at each meal. Your dishes where just as beautiful as they where delicious. You have inspired me to try to step it up at home!
Thank you very much for making this the best family vacation that we have ever had! We are already planning our next trip with you!!”

  • The White Family, July 9, 2015       

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